Checklist for Writers

Stay on track with our new Little App for Writers – Checklists for Writers.

Ever finished a screenplay or script and thought – why isn’t this working? Have I forgotten something? Or wondered how to get a scene off the ground? Or wished you had a list of things NOT TO FORGET before you send off your screenplay?

Now with Checklist for Writers you can be sure you’ve thought of everything.

From preparation through to submission there are checklists here to inspire you when you’re stuck and allow you to cast a critical eye over your work. Get it right before you send it out!

Content includes checklists covering:

  • Your LOGLINE – have you captured the basics of your story? Does it have the right ingredients to qualify as a story?
  • STORY BEATS AND MOMENTUM – beats are the building blocks of every story – do they join together? Have the right pace? Drive the story on?
  • SCENE PREPARATION – stuck for a scene idea? Wondering why a scene isn’t working? Run through the scene preparation checklist.
  • SCRIPT CHECKLIST – need some analysis on your script? Then this is the puppy for you. Over 50 key items that make a script engaging engrossing and saleable…
  • SUBMISSION CHECKLIST – don’t send it out rong! Use this checklist to make sure you’re confident you’re presenting your best version of your work

Key features include:

– 6 fundamental writers checklists covering Preparation, Writing, Analysis and Submission processes

– Copies of checklists that can be added to your projects so you can run them concurrently

– Advanced ticks that allow you to accommodate items that need more work or are creating problems

– A scheduling system that allows frequently used checklists to reset after a certain amount of time has passed.

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