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Enneagram for Writers App Image

Enneagram for Writers

Understand what motivates your characters by associating them with one of the nine Enneagram types.

Their fears, desires, hopes and dreams are what drive every one of their actions. Motivated actions make good drama. Make your characters richer and deeper with this fun and enlightening app.

Why stop at your characters? You might learn more about what makes you, your family, friends tick too!

Myth Structure for Writers App Image

Myth Structure for Writers

Hollywood has a formula for engaging stories – and it works!

With Myth Structure for Writers you’ll be able to create engaging stories from age-old principles

Why stop at your characters – you might find out what makes your family, friends and you tick too!

Themes for Writers App Image

Themes for Writers

Every story is based on one of seven universal themes.

With Themes for Writers you’ll be able to understand how to weave these themes into your story or create stories right from them.

Once you learn about the seven themes of story you’ll start seeing them everywhere!

Checklists for Writers App Image

Checklists for Writers

Story Analysis is about making sure your script checks a number of boxes.

With Checklists for Writers you’ll have those boxes with you right from the start

From preparation through to submission, you’ll find everything you need for a thorough review of your script here.