Themes for Writers

Every story is about at least one of only seven universal themes.

Every story has a moral. Every story has to be about something – about achieving something – and the best stories are about how to achieve something in the right way. Every story can be seen as being about someone trying to achieve one of these goals.

Themes for Writers helps you understand what your story is about at its core.

Every tale is about someone trying to find Love, restore Justice, get Power, achieve Glory, Survive, escape Poverty, or discover themselves. Themes for Writers will help you understand these universal themes and how they instruct the moral of the story you are writing.

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In the Themes for Writers app you will find

  • Detailed explanations of the Seven Themes
  • The moral of stories about that theme
  • The types of story these themes are steeped in
  • The positive, neutral and negative values embedded in these themes

Key features include:

  • A My projects area allowing you to track the key themes of each of your various plots
  • Multiple plots or stories per project
  • Multiple projects
  • Exportable summaries of your projects in editable or PDF format

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