Little Writing Apps Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple.

We don’t collect your data.

We wouldn’t know what to do with it if we got it.

Your stories are your own. Your characters are your own. The journey they take is their own.

While we hope you’ll share those stories one day – until you’re ready, they’re yours and yours alone.


That said. Worth knowing:

  • Themes is currently set up to allow app analytics. It is inactive and will be removed shortly. So even though you’re asked to agree to analytics, there are none.
  • Little Apps for Writers doesn’t collect your data. Little Apps for Writers can’t speak for what Apple or any other platform does and I hope you have your own agreements with them.


Little Writing Apps Website Privacy Policy uses the following anonymised analytics to monitor behaviour on the website:

  • Google Analytics

No personal user data is stored by as part of that process. does not use cookies of any kind to monitor user behaviour. does not collect any personal data of visitors.

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