Story Structure for Writers

Myth Structure for Writers

Use this ancient and incredibly popular story structure to create stories that resonate – wherever you are!

If you’ve ever wondered what the “Hollywood Formula” is – this is it. Since the dawn of time stories have followed a pattern that makes them satisfying. Pretty much all of the greatest stories of all time fit this mould. Why? Because it’s flexible enough to contain your greatest creativity but universal enough to resonate with your audience.

With Myth Structure for Writers you can create stories that will endure – wherever you are.

The Myth Structure – as presented by Christopher Vogler in his amazing book “The Writer’s Journey” – takes years of research from story guru Jospeh Campbell and distills it into 12 key story moments that occur in the most universal of stories. These have titles like “Crossing the Threshold”, “Road of Trials”,”Meeting with the Mentor” and others. Once you get these into your head – you’ll see them everywhere. They are the basic building blocks of storytelling!

In the Myth Structure for Writers App you will find:

  • A visual map of the basic blocks of a Myth Structure story
  • Detailed explanations of the key events in these fundamental moments or sequences
  • Approximate placements in your script of each moment or sequence
  • A section for each on Life Parallels explaining how what we tell in a story relates to our own journey through life
  • Key elements to consider in each sequence

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App Features include:

  • 12 moments and sequences explained in detail
  • A My Projects area that allows you capture the stories that work in your projects
  • Options to export your story in editable or PDF format

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